I am NIVEAŹ¼s International Fitness and Lifestyle Expert and spokeswoman. I developed the Q10 Fitness Club to compliment their skincare product ranges.


I designed a workout for Ubisoft Your Shape: Fitness Evolved on the Xbox 360 Kinect

Expresso Show(South Africa) NIVEA 4 week Challenge

NIVEA Q10 Fit Club

Making Sarah an Xbox avatar


I have been working alongside Sodexo devising a workshop for a group of 14 and 15-year-old girls at Wellington College. In this workshop I aimed to inspire the girls to think about more positive examples of body image, female success and self-esteem. I also tried to get the girls thinking about the importance of overall wellbeing and health, through proper nutrition, regular exercise, good sleep and managing stress and work-loads, rather than conforming to a certain body size and shape.

I have also run self-esteem workshops throughout the UK.


I am a Reebok fitness ambassador and have devised the 6 week EasyTone Challenge on facebook and the EasyTone Challenge Workout DVD. I also devised the Debenhams/Reebok fit hub program.

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I have been a fitness expert and adviser for Flora Pro Active campaigns


I have worked with Avon Cosmetics, where I assisted in devising and testing fitness products and in the development of the Avon Wellbeing range


I have worked with Arena product testing for their Freestyle breather and assisting their media campaigns

Other Partnerships

I have also acted as a consultant to Tesco Healthy Living, Boots, Dorling Kindersley, Nike Race for Life series and the Great North Run series.

Sports Clients

Tonbridge athletics club - conditioning coach
Team Manager for London Youth Games
David Price Racing
London Welsh Rugby Club - strength and conditioning coach
Fitness Advisor to the Lawn Tennis Association - advising junior internationals and working with head coach
Ballroom Dance Association
Dancers from Strictly Come Dancing