La Calma retreat
La Calma retreat
La Calma retreat


I run regular, small, exclusive, fermale-only Sarah Maxwell Retreats in a variety of intimate and incredible settings. My approach is unlike the army type boot camp that has become the norm over the past few years; instead it's a completely holistic approach covering mind, spirit and body. During your five night stay, you'll tone up, lose weight, eat wonderful food, find your inner calm and learn life-skills you can apply to every day life.

Forthcoming Retreats

I will be running 2 Sarah Maxwell Reytreats in the wonderful surroundings of La Calma, located in Ribadesella, at the heart of beautiful Asturias in Northern Spain. The Sarah Maxwell Retreats will be run in conjunction with my good friend Morelia, who owns and runs La Calma. She is a reiki, massage and meditation specialist so as a team we cover everything from nutrition/fitness to helping you achieve a sense of peace and happiness. It's a great match as we know each other very well and compliment each other perfectly.

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La Calma, Spain Retreats

  • Sunday 5th June to Friday 10th June 2011
  • Sunday 2nd October to Friday 7th October 2011

If you are interested in one of the Sarah Maxwell Retreats or would like to be informed of future ones please complete the form on this page.

New UK 2011 Retreats

  • Sunday 22nd May 2011 to Friday 27th May 2011

Please contact Annabelle Perry or Brian Conway for further details.

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